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Unit 6 Robotics Overview

Unit 6:Robotics Unit Overview
Instructional Day Topic
1 What is a robot? Identify the criteria that make an item a robot.
2-3 Evaluate robot body designs and create algorithms to control robot behavior
4 Set up LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT® kit.
5 Build robot base.
6-7 Introduce the features of NXT Brick—the “brain” of the robot.
8-9 Introduce the features of the Mindstorms NXT software.
10-13 Program the robot using the Mindstorm Robot Educator Software tutorials.
14 Introduce RoboCup real life robotic competition and write instructions for tic-tac-toe
15 RoboTic-Tac-Toe Tournament and introduction to RoboCupJunior Dance Challenge
16-18 Build, program, and present a dancing robot.
19-23 Build program and present a rescue robot.
24-33 Final projects and presentations