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Unit 5:Computing and Data Analysis Overview
Instructional Day Topic
1-3 Review how data can be used for making a case/discovery and provide an overview of the final project.
4-5 Explore possible research questions for a selection of sampe campaigns. Validate compelling stories with rsearch data.
6-7 Assign groups. discuss roles and responsibilities. Choose campaigns and modes for data collection.
8 Data check-in-Discuss issues that arise(aggregating data, ect.)
9-12 Create maps with student data and related data set
13 Crete maps with student data and related data set.
14-16 Discuss bar plots, categorical and continuous data, and mosaic plots as a vehicle for comparing categorical data, and looking at trends in data.
17 Create bar plots and mosaic plots with student data and related data set.
18-20 Review mean, median, minimum, maximum. Discuss various ways to subset data. Represent data with box plots and histograms.
21 Identify mean, median, minimum, maximum, create subsets, and create box plots and histograms with student data and related data set.
22-24 Use a variety of filters and queries to create subsets of text data. Create bar plots to graphically display the information
25 Finalize data analysis for final project.
26-27 Analyze text in student data and related data set.
28-29 Develop website or Scratch program to present data analysis campaign.
30 Final project presentations