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Class Units

Unit 4 Programming Unit Overview
1 Introduce the Scratch programming language, including the basic terms utilized in the language.
2-3 Practice using the basic features of Scratch in the context of creating a simple program.
4 Create a dialogue between two sprites.
5-6 Introduce the methods of moving sprites in Scratch.
7-8 Practice the concept of event driven programming through the creation of an alphabet game.
9 Introduce the concept of broadcasting via role play.
10-13 Write Scratch stories and present them to the class. Conduct peer reviews.
14 Introduce the concept of variable.
15 Introduce the concept of conditionals.
16-17 Introduce And, Or and randomness.
18 Apply knowledge of conditionals to develop a Rock Paper Scissors program in Scratch.
19 Build on previous programming concepts to create a timer.
20-23 Create a timing game in Scratch and present it to the class. Peer reviews are conducted.
24 Investigate two types of games that may provide ideas for the final project.
26-28 Write Scratch programs for either My Community or Game project. Conduct peer reviews.
29 Complete final projects.
30 Presentations of final projects