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Unit 3 WebDesign Overview

Unit 3:Web Design Unit Overview
Instructional Day Topic
1-2 Explore issues of social responsibility in web use as well as the relative merits of the influence of the web on society, personal lives, and education.
3-4 Introduces basic html
5 Introeuces formatting in thml
6-7 Explore image editing for the web using Photoshop or an image editor of choice.
8-10 Introduce basic css.
11-13 Explore the concept of separating style from structure by keeping separate html and css files.
14 Add hyperlinks to other websites.
15-16 Introduce a variety of page layout styles
17-19 Practice the use of various design elements.
20-21 Introduce several different enhancements for website design, including web user interface elements combining Javascript, html, css, and Photoshop, accordion menus, lightbox and sliding images.
22-25 Final projects and gallery walk