Chinle High School

Exploring Computer Science

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Class Units

Unit 1: Human Computer Interaction Overview
Instructional Day Topic
1-2 Explore the concepts of computer and computing.
3-4 “Demystify” and learn the function of the parts of a personal computer. Learn the terminology of hardware components necessary for the purchase of a home computer.
5-7 Explore the world wide web and search engines. Experiment with a variety of search techniques, internet resources, and Web 2.0, applications. Evaluate websites.
8-9 Examine the implications of data on society and how computers are used for communications.
10 Tell a story with data.
11-14 Explore how computers are used as a tool for visualizing data, modeling and design, and art in the context of culturally situated design tools.
15-16 Introduce the concept of a computer program as a set of instructions.
17-19 Explore the idea of intelligence—especially as it relates to computers. Explore what it means for a machine to “learn”. Discuss whether computers are intelligent or whether they only behave intelligently.